And the finalists of IPT 2023 are…

The two semifinals took place this morning. We saw two fierce Physics Fights between:

  • Poland Poland, Germany Germany and Team IPT
  • Italy Italy, Ukraine Ukraine and France France (Ecole polytechnique)

Poland and Italy won the most points during the semi-finals, but the finalists are chosen according to the sum of points acquired during the selective fights AND the semifinals. The teams joining France France (Lyon) (automatically selected because they finished first in the selective Fights) for the 15th International Physicists’ Final are then Team IPT and Poland Poland.

That being said, it is worth noting that the battle to access the IPT finale was very tight, since Ukraine Ukraine arrived only 0.23 points over 228 behind Team IPT!

Congratulations to the teams for making it all the way here. Congratulations as well to the all other teams, who made the journey to the finals competitive, filled with excellent physics, and fights that demonstrated a shared love for physics of the everyday!

Join us tomorrow morning at 8:30 GMT+2 (CEST) for the climax of this amazing week, the Grand Finale of the 15th International Physicists’ Tournament! The live stream will be available on our youtube channel.

And the finalists of IPT 2023 are…