Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of IPT 2023

The Local Organizing Committee (LOC) of the International Physicists’ Tournament (IPT) 2023 is appointed by the French Physical Society (“Société Française de Physique”, SFP), and is responsible for adapting to all valid guidelines, regulations, decisions, and recommendations of the IPT to ensure that the competition is organized in the best possible manner. The LOC is also responsible for providing lodging, board, and a cultural program for all participants during the tournament.

Arnaud Raoux
President of the LOC
Sorbonne Université
Thibault Fredon
Vice-president of the LOC
ENS Paris Saclay
Tamara Bardon-Brun

Jeanne Bernard
Institut d’Optique Graduate School

Vincent Blavy
Guilhem Gallot
CNRS, École polytechnique
Slimane Mzerguat
IAS, Université Paris Saclay
Filip Novkoski
Université Paris Cité
Mylène Sauty
École polytechnique
Antoine Baron

For general questions about the tournament or the problem list, please contact directly the Executive Committee of the IPT by using the dedicated page on the IPT website.

For any logistical question regarding the IPT 2023, feel free to contact us by using the following form: