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Concerned about the growing income gap between industry and academia, CFM created the “Fondation CFM pour la Recherche” in 2009.
The Foundation offers Ph.D. scholarships to the most promising young scientists, enabling them to carry out their doctoral degree without financial concerns. It selects recipients according to excellence: that of the student, the subject and the Ph.D. advisor.
These scholarships are not just available to French students but also to foreign students, for whom there is currently a dearth of available scholarships. The scholarships also allow students to travel, to present their results to international conferences or to spend time in a foreign lab.
Worldwide leader in light and sustainable construction, Saint-Gobain designs, manufactures and distributes materials and services for the construction and industrial markets. Its integrated solutions for the renovation of public and private buildings, light construction and the decarbonization of construction and industry are developed through a continuous innovation process and provide sustainability and performance. The Group’s commitment is guided by its purpose, “Making the world a better home”.
The R&D of Saint-Gobain comprises local teams and centers dedicated to specific businesses as well as a network of eight Transversal R&D centers, meant to serve all the businesses of Saint-Gobain worldwide. Around 3600 researchers worldwide!
Saint-Gobain maintains strong relationships with academic laboratories, in particular through the funding of PhD and post-doc.
EDP Sciences is an international academic publisher which was founded by eminent scientists including Marie Curie and Paul Langevin.
We publish high-quality scientific journals, conferences proceeding, books and magazines, many of which are open access and in partnership with learned societies such as the French Physical Society and the European Physical Society.
We also offer Science Publishing Masterclasses that harness expertise and specialist resources to help early career researchers and PhD students better understand scholarly publishing.
EDP Sciences is also the publisher of Emergent Scientist, the first open access student-oriented scientific journal.
Alice & Bob is a Parisian startup, we build Fault Tolerant, Universal quantum computers. Our quantum processors are made of superconducting circuits which is one of the most promising and popular platforms for building quantum computers, but our unique technology resides in their design.
We have designed a pioneering quantum bit, the cat qubit. The cat qubit, a type of bosonic code, is inherently stabilized against bit-flips, a feature which drastically simplifies building the ideal quantum computer. How is this stabilization done? Classically, we engineer a non-linear driven system that exhibits sub-harmonic generation. In particular, thanks to period doubling we can generate two steady-states which are stable. Quantum mechanically, we make a microwave resonator exchange photons by pair with its environment.
Solvay is a science company whose technologies bring benefits to many aspects of daily life. Our purpose – we bond people, ideas and elements to reinvent progress – is a call to go beyond, to reinvent future forms of progress and create sustainable shared value for all through the power of science. As a global leader in Materials, Chemicals and Solutions, Solvay brings advancements in planes, cars, batteries, smart and medical devices, water and air treatment, to solve critical industrial, social and environmental challenges. You can count on our innovative solutions to contribute to safer, cleaner and more sustainable future.
With 2000 employees in Research and Innovation worldwide and an annual allocated budget of 350 M€, our scientists focus their passion and energy on transforming our daily innovations into real-life solutions. Convinced that fundamental science is crucial to develop knowledge within our teams and to identify the areas where the potential for innovation resides, Solvay pursues the long-standing tradition initiated by his founder Ernest Solvay 160 years ago by fostering intensive connections with the academic world, through collaborations with universities and research organizations around the world. 
The physics department of the ENS has a double vocation of research and teaching. The activities of its laboratories cover most of contemporary fundamental physics, from astrophysics to particle physics, including atomic physics, solid state physics and the physics of complex systems. With more than one hundred researchers and teacher-researchers, sixty technical and administrative staff, and two hundred doctoral and post-doctoral students, these laboratories rely on the ENS’s exceptional student body, on a large network of international collaborations, and on a first-rate technical environment (workshops, stores, clean room, helium liquefier) to conduct research at the highest international level. The PhXysics Department of the ENS offers high-level training in fundamental physics covering the last year of the Bachelor’s degree (L3) and the Master’s degree within the International Center for Fundamental Physics (ICFP). It also organizes the preparation for the recruitment exams in secondary education through its preparation for the agrégation.
Qubit Pharmaceuticals is a physics-driven drug discovery company using advanced simulation software and AI-enhanced medicinal chemistry, to develop novel drug candidates and innovative modes of action against challenging targets. We build upon more than 30 years of R&D awarded by the most prestigious prizes such as 2 ERC grants and the ATOS Fourier prize. We spun off from leading research institutions in France and in the USA: CNAM, CNRS, University of Texas at Austin, Sorbonne University, and Washington University, in Saint Louis and we are based in Paris and Boston.

We started operations in 2021 and are supported by three major deeptech investment funds Quantonation, Xange, and Omnes Capital. In less than 18 months, we have built an impressive track record of awards such as the EIC accelerator thanks to our team and the technology, and raised over $25M.

Qubit Pharmaceuticals works alongside biopharmas to transform the way drugs are developed by moving from approximation to prediction. Its platform allows the calculation of the absolute free binding energy of molecules with the highest accuracy. Thanks to HPC and cloud accelerations, Qubit Pharmaceuticals can perform calculations up to a million times faster than before, allowing them to find highly valuable compounds in large libraries with better chances of success than previous methods.
Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm with offices in London, New York, Hong Kong & Singapore.. We hire smart, humble people who love to solve problems, build systems, and test theories. You’ll learn something new every day in our office—whether it’s connecting with a colleague to share perspectives, or participating in a talk, class, or game night. Our success is driven by our people and we never stop improving. We offer summer internships and full-time graduate opportunities across Quantitative Trading, Research, Software Engineering, Business Development and many other business areas. For more information check out our career site.

They talk about us!

The International Physicists’ Tournament is an extraordinary adventure, made by and for young, creative scientists that companies, start-ups and research laboratories are eager to hire. The IPT favors creative minds, the capacity for reflection and teamwork, which are indispensable ingredients for the modern scientific research and emerging economy, both built on the values that “make” the entrepreneur. The French Physical Society rejoices to see the fifteenth edition of the IPT to take place in Paris.

To take part to the IPT is an audacious and rewarding dive into the world of scientific research and discovery within a friendly competition. The international dimension of the IPT is a tremendous amplifier that strengthen both self-confidence and trust in the group, but also the necessity to win the respect of different international formations.

Alain Fontaine, Former President of the French Physical Society

The IPT gathers students from all over the world who challenge their competences, improve their skills in science and technology and establish professional contacts. IPT is an extraordinary platform for revealing the true problem solvers that technology oriented enterprises and start-ups are looking to hire. A good education results not only in technical knowledge, but also creativity, the ability to discuss ideas and to work as a team. At the IPT, the young people experience all the phases of research: intensive literature searches, conversations with experts from research institutes and industry, development of theoretical models, computer simulations and testing by means of experimentation.